GCC Hockey League

The SandStorms are part of the GCC Hockey League along with the Al Ain Vipers, Al Ain Theebs, Abu Dhabi Storms, Qatar Raiders and the Saudi Falcons.

We travel to Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. (We are unable to travel to Saudi Arabia because of visa issues)

Each age group – U9, U12, U15, U18 will participate in up to 3 tournaments. 

The Dubai SandStorms rotate hosting U9 and U18 one season and then U12 and U15 the next season.

Tournament team selection is as follows:

  • An email, from your coach or team manager, will go out 1 month before the tournament asking for player commitment.
  • Teams will be chosen by the coaches. The tournament breakdown is not done by division but age groups to keep consistency throughout all 5 cities.
  • The Sandstorms try, when numbers allow, to send an A, B and C team to each tournament giving every player an opportunity to compete in tournaments.
  • It’s important to mention that the tournament teams are chosen to be competitive and while we will do our best to accommodate everyone, we can’t guarantee that every player who expresses interest will be able to play.
  • Tournaments are a lot of fun, we play a more competitive style of hockey and although we do not coach to win at all costs, we do play a winning style of hockey.  This means there is not equal ice for all players like house league play. Please know this up front before you decide whether your child wants to participate in the tournament.  
  • Each family is responsible for all travel expenses, lodging and visas (when applicable) for out of town tournaments.